Our Impact

City Gateway College (CGC) has a significant impact on the lives of our learners, the local community and wider society. We measure our impact around three key index points, notably assessing our social impact, economic impact and by ensuring our provision is meeting the quality standards set by Ofsted.

Social and Economic Impact

Education and training facilitated by City Gateway College makes a real difference to learner’s lives:

•    City Gateway College provides an excellent environment for learners to meet new people and develop lasting friendships with others who are in the same stage of life.

•    Participating in courses helps learners improve their self-confidence and develop the tools they need to approach life’s challenges. While at City Gateway College, they can establish good habits that will make their lives easier and improve the overall health and well-being for themselves and their families.

•    The skills and qualifications that learners achieve at City Gateway College will put them on the path to a fulfilling and prosperous career

Information gathered from EMSI Independent Economic Impact Report 2016

City Gateway College helps to raise national prosperity and improves quality of life:

•    Learners earn more because of the skills and qualifications they acquired at City Gateway College

•    This makes them less likely to commit criminal offences and less likely to require income assistance

•    The learner community experience improved lifestyles, and taxpayers benefit further from a reduced demand for government-supported services. Improved health leads to a reduced demand on the National Health Services. Reduced criminal activity places less of a burden on the Criminal Justice System. Finally, increased employability leads to fewer claims for Jobseekers’ Allowance benefits.

Information gathered from EMSI Independent Economic Impact Report 2016

City Gateway College is a solid public investment:

•    For every £1 of public money spent in City Gateway College, taxpayers receive a cumulative return of £3.00 over the course of learners’ working lives in the form of higher tax receipts and avoided public sector costs.

•    Taxpayers see an annual return of 10.6% on their investment in City Gateway College.

•    This return compares favourably with the 3.5% long-term discount rate defined by the HM Treasury Green Book for appraising 30-year investments.
Information gathered from EMSI Independent Economic Impact Report 2016

The experiences that learners receive at City Gateway College have the power to shape the rest of their lives and put them on the path to becoming happy and productive members of their communities.
EMSI Economic Impact Report 2016
I think the support that you've all given her at City Gateway College is incredible... I'm pleased that I let her go to City Gateway College, I really am.

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City Gateway College is graded Ofsted Outstanding. The report is available here.

•    “Staff monitor the destinations of their learners closely in the six months following completion of their courses and take very effective action to help those who do not immediately progress into further training or employment, back into education at City Gateway College.”

•    “Learners make excellent progress in developing personal and social skills, often from a low starting point.”
•    “Learners’ attendance improves significantly from very low levels when learners first start at City Gateway College. By the end of their programme, most learners have high attendance.”

Information taken from Ofsted Report 2014

Key Stage 4 Results 2015/16

School and College performance tables can be viewed here:

Our Impact
Our Impact