Our Model

At CGC we exist to bring hope to young people, by working to develop the skills, confidence and belief, that will enable them to add long-term value to their lives, families and the wider community.

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Our holistic alternative learner model focusses on:

  • Developing their whole - personal, social and academic - skillset
  • Realising their academic potential through achievement of meaningful qualifications
  • Securing destinations that add long-term value to their lives, their families and to the wider community

We achieve this through:

  • An alternative, creative and personalised curriculum offer that builds skills, qualifications and confidence
  • High expectations and levels of structure underpinned by a tailored coaching programme
  • Identifying progression pathways that are personally, socially and academically relevant to them as individuals

Curriculum – Core subjects (KS4)

  • English (GCSE and/or Functional Skills)
  • Maths (GCSE and/or Functional Skills)
  • Citizenship (GCSE)
  • Humanities (History, Religious Studies, Geography)
  • Personal and Social Development

Curriculum – Vocational subjects (KS4)

We offer students four vocational pathways to choose from:

  • Creative Industries (Media and Music)
  • Sports
  • Construction
  • Beauty


We undertake an initial and diagnostic assessment which helps us to determine the most appropriate and best-suited pathway and level for each student.

For example if the initial and diagnostic assessment indicates that the student would benefit from a:

  • More challenging curriculum, he/she will then be encouraged and supported to undertake a more rigorous qualification offer.

Greater level of development around their personal and social development; he/she will be encouraged and supported to undertake a more individualised curriculum specifically targeted at developing these areas, whilst still keeping a focus on English and Maths.

Through the curriculum, we also seek to develop the key character traits that are most closely aligned and required for achieving sustainable long-term success in the workplace.  Through our Skills Profile Framework, CGC Progression Coaches work with our students, in helping them to achieve these outcomes.

The framework includes:

  • Teamwork
  • Self-Awareness and Confidence
  • Resilience and Positive Attitude
  • Communication
  • Behaviour and Professionalism
  • Initiative and Leadership
  • Planning and Thinking Skill

Each student is assigned a Progression Coach with whom they meet at least every fortnight to review their progress in achieving the targeted academic, personal and social outcomes. Our progression teams approach is personalised in supporting students to achieve and progress, whilst considering the many barriers they face in their personal and home lives. Each coach works closely with the young person, parents/carers and external professionals in ensuring we are proactive in helping to remove such barriers, thereby enabling them to experience a more fulfilling learning and development journey.

Our students deserve to be and feel excited about their futures.  We believe that by expanding their horizons to the wider world, they will benefit from a more positive and meaningful perspective to the value they can add to their lives. We encourage all of our students to undertake as many volunteering and work experience opportunities as possible.  

We also offer enrichment sessions every Monday-Friday that include:

  • Pottery,
  • Music,
  • Media,
  • Cooking,
  • Art,
  • Team based sports games
  • Museums, sightseeing, bowling, cinema,
  • Volunteering, community projects, gardening,
  • CV workshops and workplace visits
  • Horse riding, outdoor pursuits, theme park trips and residentials