Wrap-around support

Our wrap-around support model is a central part of our offering at City Gateway College. We employ Progression Coaches, Retention Workers, Safeguarding Officers and offer Youth Work provision to meet the many needs of our learners. We want every young person we work with to experience easier transitions into adulthood, with better prospects that will result in them adding value to their lives, families and the wider community.

Our model is designed to ensure our learners are:

  • Healthy
  • Safe
  • Engaged
  • Supported
  • Challenged

In so doing, we support the whole person, enabling each individual to progress, gain qualifications and advance into employment. This approach is supported by our internal delivery model, which frames our curriculum to our young people, under the headings SKILLED, EMPLOYED, SELF and COMMUNITY. These key areas focus on education and preparation for employment to personal social development and safeguarding. Our commitment is to support these individuals in the challenges they face and to encourage them in areas where they have previously experienced a deficit, empowering them to realise their potential.

"As a parent, I have been impressed with all interactions with their staff during my son’s transition from school."

Parent of Key Stage 4 Learner